Dario's Dandy Daybill Discount Declaration!

I know around the world there are a lot of Australian Daybill movie poster collectors, so I thought we could celebrate this unique movie poster with a special promotion for March…


March 2013: Three Daybills ONLY 165!

This is a fantastic offer for you and THREE Daybills, a massive discount of over 40% – you SAVE $125!

For only $165 here’s what you get:

  • EACH poster will be conservation treated!
  • EACH poster will be linen backed!
  • ONE hour of touch up work (in total) on all three posters (if required)!

Dario-Dandy-Daybill-Discount-DeclarationThe image to the left shows an example of just what I could do for YOUR Daybills.

This is an original 1969 Easy Rider Daybill, [pic1] is as it arrived; [pic2] shows it after a conservation treatment, a couple of minor touch ups and linen backed – it was still wet on the linen so doesn’t look perfect until it dries – and finally [pic3] the finished poster, shown here framed and hanging on my customer’s wall. Fantastic!


  • Offer is exclusive to Australian standard length Daybill movie posters (13″ x 30″)  i.e. not Long Daybills.
  • Offer price of $165 is per lot of THREE (3) Daybills received, ie 3, 6, 9…etc
  • Daybill condition must be Fine or better. Note: For the purposes of this promotion ‘Fine’ is defined as having: No Tape, No Missing Paper (that needs repair), No major stains or requiring other major repair issues.*
  • This is offer is open during the month of March 2013 for Daybill movie posters either received during March 2013 (refer delivery instructions here) or that have been postmarked as sent (from your location) during March 2013.
  • There is no restriction on the number of packs of three Daybills you can send me during the month of March 2013.
  • Package price of $165 does not include the cost of postage to return your finished posters.

* Note: If you do send me a poster(s) that requires extra restoration work (over and above our promotion conditions) I’ll make a small adjustment to the total and let you know. Now, I can’t be fairer than that, can I?!

If you have ANY questions about this promotion and/or you want to send me picture of your poster(s) just to query its condition, you can do so here

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