Flake and Bubbles!

Over the years I’ve seen posters that don’t handle restoration by linen backing very well. Which ones?

I’m talking about the shiny newer glossy paper stock posters, these are the ones printed on a chalk calk/china clay based paper.  Some of them flake or bubble up between the back and front. Have a look at these not so pretty images, you cans see what I am talking about.

Now, touching up these glossies are a royal pain in the “you know what”  – you should know that one can never get that gloss and color to match perfectly.

At the end of the day as I am a perfectionist I am never 100% happy with end results, however I will always explain prior to beginning the work what the worst case results may be as a result of working with gloss paper, so at least the client is now clear and understanding and of course it gives them the option of deciding against going ahead.

Because I want what is best for my client and because every restoration job is with my personal care and attention like it is my own poster, I have to be very cautious and somewhat selective about what gloss posters I work with.

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