Re-Frame Your Poster

When framing a poster make sure you tell your framer that your tastes may change and you might want to re-frame your poster in the future so you may need to take the poster out of the frame and you don’t want any nasty surprises.

I was personally burned once. I asked for acid free matting and several years down the road I decided to take the poster out of the frame, only to discover that the poster had sever acid burns around the borders.

Not nice!

Here’s another example from a fellow friend/collector/dealer.

Gary decide to take his “For A Few dollars More” 1 sheet out of the frame only to discover that the Framer had used fabric tape all around the edges of the poster, instead of Mylar mounting corners.

This resulted in to a nasty tear in the upper left corner and him with a bad taste for Framers.

It was sent to me for tape removal, linen backing and restoration. It’s all good now!


One thought on “Re-Frame Your Poster

  1. Hi Dario,

    I received the poster today, bang on job buddy! I am very pleased and will be sending more…Had a bitch of a time getting into the tube, cut my finger doing so, that’s one well protected parcel!

    Thanks again for everything.