Remove Tape From Posters

Here’s a question I am often asked, all about old posters and old tape….

“I have a question for you which I meant to ask for a long time:  I know that restorers use Bestine to remove tape off posters.  I never used it. On the rare occasions that I need to remove scotch tape, I use lighter fluid. I wanted to buy Bestine but after reading all the cautions on the label I got spooked and decided to wait till I ask an expert.
So please tell me, in simple words, how “dangerous” is Bestine?  Can a normal, responsible adult use it in his basement without fear?
Thanks in advance”

Dario Says:

Nice to hear from you!

How to remove tape from posters, a good question…

I can’t get Bestine anymore. I think Enviro Canada has taken it off the shelves, it’s a little heavy and unfriendly on your organs. I use Lighter fluid as well.

An important reminder when using Bestine or lighter fluid:


Always use in a well ventilated area. Open the windows and doors have a fan blow the fumes away from you and out the window/door…

So unless it is very well ventilated then perhaps a basement is not the ideal location. 😉

That should do it my friend.

All the best,

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