Poster Restoration FAQs

(Frequently Asked Questions)

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We can restore pretty rough paper, but we wont do the following:
  • Recreate posters in whole.
  • Re-create large missing image sections (25%  or more) via printer then glue down color in. We are ok with minor detail. Like NSS info and credits details.
  • We will not air brush in images or punch up whole posters (we do use air brushing for border work or non removable stains or heavy felt pen, only).

No, not at the moment. We only work with sizes up to 39×55

No. Some times we starch back.

Some times we’ll do some simple museum mends on the back with hand torn (to blend in) Japanese Mulberry paper and Methyl cellulose. These methods are mostly reserved for posters in really good condition.

Poster Restoration FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)