Price Guide

Our price schedule below is accurate but also only indicative as some poster restoration work may require time or other services dependent on the condition of your vintage poster. After receiving your poster we will of course contact you and discuss the services you require and provide you with a quote. However if you would like a more accurate quote before you send your poster feel free to email me pictures of the poster/s in question (front and back).

Restoration Services & Price Schedule

Effective March 1st 2017. Note: All prices in Canadian Dollars.

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Poster Size Price CAD$ Turn Around Time*

What is it?

Linen backing is a method commonly used to conserve vintage posters. It also serves as a base for restoring any poster problems such as fold separations, missing paper, pinholes, stains, missing color, wrinkles and bends, damaged fold lines, etc.A linen backed poster is also more aesthetically pleasing because the appearance of fold lines is eliminated and the poster stays perfectly flat which is ideal when framing. This process is reversible and considered museum quality.
1 Sheet $90 4-5 weeks
British Quads $90 4-5 weeks
Half Sheet $80 4-5 weeks
Insert $80 4-5 weeks
Belgian $65 4-5 weeks
Daybill $65 4-5 weeks
Long Daybill $80 4-5 weeks
Starch Backing What is it?
Starch backing is a temporary backing for drying. It is great if you want the folds out of your poster without the need to Linen back. I use Holytex, an acid-free, fine non woven 100% polyester.
$100 4-5 weeks
De-acidifying Bath What is it?
A de-acidifying bath is used to neutralize acidic papers with magnesium oxide.

4-5 weeks
Bleach Bath What is it?
A bleach bath is carefully calibrated so it does not disturb the vintage paper patina but will kill molds spoors and other pollutants on the poster that are not visible to the eye.

4-5 weeks
Spot Bleaching What is it?
Spot Bleaching is a process by which I use a strong pin point bleach solution to rid stubborn foxing or stamps. Personally, I recommend to keep Censor stamps as they are an interesting and important part of the poster and its own history, unless of course they are on a intrusive spot i.e Marilyn Monroe’s face
$25 4-5 weeks

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*Turn Around Time: Guide only, generally you can expect quicker results (work load dependent). Does not include time in transit!


As heavily damage posters require more time to lay down on linen prices may be subject to change (we will advise first).


Note: For sizes not listed above, please feel free to contact me here