No Great Expectations - James Bond is Back!

With apologies to the great Charles Dickens I can safely say when this poster arrived for restoration there were no great expectations by the client that this UK Quad could even be restored.

Poster Restoration - James Bond From Russia With LoveThis 1963 From Russia With Love (the 2nd movie in the James Bond franchise) UK Quad is considered by Bond collectors all over the world to be one of the premier posters to have in one’s collection. This poster had been stored away for some 30 years in a suitcase and you could be forgiven forgiven for thinking that this poster was ready for the trash can.

I discussed the restoration with the client, making him fully aware of the issues I may run into but I was humbled by the fact he put his trust in me yet fully understanding the risks involved given what I had to work with.

Poster Restoration - James Bond From Russia With LoveThe paper itself was in an extremely fragile condition, someone been trying to wipe of excess dirt on the front and the back and smeared it all into the paper make it pretty much impossible to remove.

The dirt was so heavy that it is very hard to distinguish what was print and what was dirt/spots. So, some minor loss to detail was expected.

These are extreme circumstances with extreme measures required to be able to attempt to  rescue it making it look as respectable as possible. A massive masking job using low tack Frog tape and liquid frisket, very very labor intensive and time consuming I am sure you will agree!

Poster Restoration - James Bond From Russia With LoveAnd here is the completed project: From Russia With Love (1963) Quad, (read the very generous comment I received from the client below)

A full restoration including: washing, paper replacement, cleaning, scraping, vacuuming, sanding, air brushing and linen backing.

Another restoration project successfully completed by Dario Casadei’s Vintage Movie Art Poster Restoration and Linen Backing!

View more examples of poster restoration and linen backing in my gallery section here.

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One thought on “No Great Expectations - James Bond is Back!

  1. Dear Dario,

    I am truly gobsmacked that you have managed to restore my From Russia With Love Quad.

    You are very talented, and will be sending you more posters from my collection soon (don’t worry as the others are not in a worse condition) to be restored and mounted on linen.

    I starting collecting posters nearly 40 years ago when I was a child, and this has given me the encouragement to get a few more rare ones out from the spare room stored away in suitcases, and out on display. I truly can’t thank you enough.

    Once again many thanks.