Poster Restoration: A Streetcar Name Desire (1952)

This Australian Daybill arrived as a re-released poster and for this poster restoration the client wanted it returned to the original release poster.

poster restorationThe poster had been first printed and released with the movie in Australia in 1952 by Warner Bros. However when the movie was re-released in 1958 by 20th Century Fox rather than produce new posters they just produced snipes to stick over the original Warner Bros text. So this really was a first release 1952 poster that had been re-used rather than re-printed.

The poster itself was a little brittle, the borders were a little tattered and there was some paper loss on the borders as well as on the main area of the poster itself. The posters was showing its age and there was some staining on the bottom left as well, finally, due to the way it had been stored over the years there were some uneven additional creases.

So into a de-acidifying bath then into a bleach bath and while it was wet I carefully removed the snipes then on to linen then left to dry. Because the snipes form part of the history of this poster I also mounted them on linen too, I was happy not to charge my client for this service plus it will give him a story to tell when displaying the poster.

Also along the bottom left border the poster had seen water some time long a go and that section was fairly tattered and very soft and fragile and actually a small section had separated, but I was able to nicely mend back. I believe now you wouldn’t know unless I told you.

poster restorationOnce dried I set about restoring the paper loss and after a few touch ups a light buffer the poster was finished – it looks great don’t you think?

And here is the completed project (including snipes!):

A Streetcar Name Desire (1952)

A full restoration including: washing, paper replacement, tape removal, air brushing and linen backing

Another restoration project successfully completed by Dario Casadei’s Vintage Movie Art Poster Restoration and Linen Backing!

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One thought on “Poster Restoration: A Streetcar Name Desire (1952)

  1. The original release poster is always a solid option. Modern takes on older designs can work, but often it’s the original that fits a film the best. The bold red text really finishes it off.