Poster Restoration: Gilda (1946)

Just completed poster restoration and linen backing on this lovely original Australia Daybill for the classic movie Gilda (1946).

Ahh the beautiful Rita Hayworth in her signature role as the ultimate femme, Gilda.

This lovely stone lithograph had  previously been restored using tape, bits of paper and then colored in. Badly!

So, the first thing I needed to do is remove all the old work (from the front AND the back) and after some time I had indeed successfully removed all the (somewhat) amateurish work.

Now we had a pretty good idea what was need to bring her back to her former glory!

Now she was ready for some restoration work and first I linen backed her and then the next focus first was to fix the border and replace the missing interior paper.

Finally she was ready to add a little make-up to and I hand filled in the “Stone Litho” grain by hand using Faber-Castel Albrecht Duerer water colors pencils.

Stone Lithograph fill in work remain my favorite thing to do.

And finally here is the completed project:

Gilda  (1946) – Australian Daybill

Restoration including, washing, exact-in painting, paper replacement, tape removal and linen backing.

Another restoration project successfully completed by Dario Casadei’s Vintage Movie Art Poster Restoration and Linen Backing!

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2 thoughts on “Poster Restoration: Gilda (1946)

  1. She’s here Dario, WOWWWWWWW!!! She looks fantastic! I knew you were the man for the job. Thanks a million.

    She had a short stop over at Customs, they wanted to have a sneak peek at her as well, but they didn’t unravel the daybill, they just looked inside.

    If you have a lull in business, just pop me a line and I’ll send you some more.

    Extremely happy