Poster Restoration: Halloween Daybill (1978)

I received this 1978 Halloween Daybill for poster restoration by Dario! It was in pretty good condition, it had lots of small holes throughout but other than that, minimal restoration was required. Of course, this poster is actually pretty special poster on its own. Why…? halloween-poster-restoration-linen-backingWell, as you can see it features the unique image of villain Michael Myers on the poster. But you may not know that Australia was the only country to depict Myers on the poster. Just thought I would share the Trivial Pursuit answer with you!


For this poster restoration we needed to remove some old tape, then give it a bath (de-acidfying and bleach) as well as linen backing and paper replacement.

halloween-poster-linen-backing-restorationHowever, when it came to doing the paper replacement I chose to go with paper pulp and Methyl cellulose rather than pieces of paper. The reason for this was there was too much miniscule tattering and missing pieces all over the poster. I would have spent days tracing the paper to replace it with paper and this would have been far too costly for my client.

And here is the completed project:

Halloween Daybill (1978)

A full restoration including: washing, paper replacement, tape removal and linen backing.

Another restoration project successfully completed by Dario Casadei’s Vintage Movie Art Poster Restoration and Linen Backing!

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2 thoughts on “Poster Restoration: Halloween Daybill (1978)

  1. Hi Dario! I got the day bill today. It is wonderful. I am totally 100% satisfied. Thanks for time and effort you put into it. I really appreciate it! I’d recommend you to anyone!

    Thanks so much. Again, you are the best!