Poster Restoration: Lolita (1962)

Here’s a poster restoration and linen backing project for an Australian Daybill Lolita (1962). Now looks pretty good considering the heavy Foxing which affected about 95% of the poster.

poster restoration linen backingThe trick was spot bleaching before local Bleach bath. It’s a bit harsh/risky on the paper, but the stains was so heavy. Basically I went over each spot with a drop of stronger bleach to minimize the staining.

Still, after the poster was dry the was some staining left along the borders. So a light brush using a mixture of Golden conservation colors and Synchromatic transparent aniline dyes ( water colors ) toned it down pretty good along the borders.

And here is the completed project:

Lolita  (191962) – Australian Daybill

A full restoration including: washing, de-acidifying bath, bleaching, exact-in painting, paper replacement, tape removal and linen backing.

Another restoration project successfully completed by Dario Casadei’s Vintage Movie Art Poster Restoration and Linen Backing!

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