Poster Restoration: The Blue Dahlia (1946)

Just completed a poster restoration on a wonderful original half sheet for the classic film noir movie The Blue Dahlia (1946). This poster presented some challenges as it was in quite poor condition as you can see!

poster restoration linen backingThis half sheet was in pretty bad shape.

poster restoration linen backingThere was old tape on the back, grease, pen marks and it was missing the bottom left corner.

To add to the challenger the paper was quite limp as well. Heavier stock is always a bit trickier to work with, folds and creases are way more stubborn, so to fix this I find I need to give it a much longer bath than normal.

After the wash it was then backed on to linen. The missing corner was then filled with some vintage paper.

poster restoration linen backing

The end result was excellent with only some minor work to keep the vintage look.

And here is the completed project:

The Blue Dahlia (1946) – Half Sheet

Restoration including washing, paper replacement, tape removal and linen backing.

Another restoration project successfully completed by Dario Casadei’s Vintage Movie Art Poster Restoration and Linen Backing!

View more examples of poster restoration and linen backing in my gallery section here.

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