Send Your Poster

No doubt you are ready to send your poster to us for evaluation and restoration. Please follow these simple instructions to ensure we are able to continue to provide you with our high standards.


Pack your poster well – we don’t want our first job to be repairing the damage caused by the transport company!


When you ship the poster(s) to me, it is very important that you put a disclaimer on the parcel if you are putting a value on it for insurance purposes (see image – click to see larger).

It must be very clearly marked on the parcel that the poster(s) are entering Canada temporarily for restoration purposes, unfortunately, if you do not then you may be liable for Custom duties and/or taxes.


Canada customs has been charging PST (Provincial Sales Tax) AND GST (Goods and Services Tax) on rare occasions on parcels that has been clearly marked for temporary entrance. Technically, they should not do so, but it boils down to weather the Customs Official believes it is entering Canada temporary for restoration or not. Silly, I know.

So, it is certainly up to you what value you declare on your parcel when you send it to us, but we have generally found that low values (under $50) tend to be ignored by Customs.

However, I do recommend you send your well wrapped poster by some traceable means eg registered post or courier etc.


Please address the parcel as follows:

Dario Casadei
306-1477 Fountain Way
Vancouver BC
V6H 3W9

Alternatively. You can download an address label all ready to print out, please ensure you attach it securely to the parcel (so it can’t be accidentally ripped or torn while in transit to us).

What happens when I get your parcel?

I will grade your posters, advise you and get your agreement to go ahead wit the job. I will then provide you with an invoice via Paypal –  payment is expected by return and work will not commence until payment is made.

At all times I keep you advised of progress by way of email and/or via the Restoration Section of this website (here). It’s important to me that you get regular updates and pictures, all for your peace of mind.

Note: Because we are (justifiably) proud of the work we do, we sometimes like to display them on this website. We only display the poster and the work we have done, never the client details. However, if you object to me posting images of your poster on our website then do let us know and we will remove immediately.

Time Frame

We know you want your restored vintage poster back as soon as possible and we certainly strive for a speedy turn-around. You can expect most ‘standard’ jobs to take around 2-3 weeks however, I will always give you a reasonably accurate expectation of time frame when I quote the job for you.


The fact you have entrusted me with one of your prized possessions means a lot so you can be assured I will take absolute care of it.